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Respiratory Care Board Criminal Background Check Information

Criminal Background Check Alert!

The Ohio Revised Code requires those applying for a license or certificate issued by the Ohio Respiratory Care (Board) to submit fingerprints for an FBI (federal) and BCI (civilian) criminal records check completed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I).

Effective immediately, BCI&I will ONLY accept electronic fingerprints for FBI and BCI background checks, except for the reasons listed below. Electronic fingerprints must be completed by a Webcheck location in Ohio that will submit the applicant’s fingerprints electronically to BCI&I. The applicant must request that BOTH reports be sent to the Board DIRECTLY from BCI&I, or they will not be accepted by the Board. A complete list of Webcheck locations is available online at the following website address: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Services/Business/WebCheck/Webcheck-Community-Listing. When locating an electronic fingerprinting site on this web page, please note that only the locations designated with the notation of “BCI & FBI” perform both the BCI and FBI records check. The Board does not endorse or recommend any specific Webcheck fingerprinting company.

Fingerprint cards will ONLY be accepted by BCI&I (with the Exemption Form) for one of the following reasons:

  • Applicant’s home address is 75 miles or more from the nearest Webcheck location;
  • Amputations or digits missing (Webcheck 4.0 only);
  • Out-of-state applicant; (the Board requires persons living within 75 miles of Ohio to use a Webcheck location in Ohio)
  • Poor quality prints (Not able to capture at Webcheck location, provide name of location where the background check was attempted on the waiver form);
  • BCI/FBI rejects from original electronic submission. Note: The original reject letter must accompany the fingerprint card (s); and
  • Public Housing Organization background checks.

If an applicant meets any of these exemptions, they may submit their name and complete address to the Board in writing at Ohio Respiratory Care Board, 77 South High Street, 16th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108, by fax at (614) 728-8691, or by email to  rcb.director@rcb.state.oh.us to request fingerprint cards, exemption form and instructions for completing the cards.

Important Notice on New Criminal Background Check Requirement

Under Ohio law, all applicants for an initial license or limited permit issued by the Respiratory Care Board are required to submit a criminal records check conducted by both the FBI and the Ohio BCI&I. Criminal records check results will need to be received by the Board prior to the issuance of the Ohio license or limited permit. This requirement does not apply to individuals renewing their current Ohio license or limited permit or to individuals reinstating an expired Ohio license or limited permit.

The new application is titled: Application for Initial License/Limited Permit – Criminal Background check. You can access the new form by clicking here.

Please address any questions to the Board. Contact information: Telephone 614-752-9218 or email rcb.director@rcb.state.oh.us.